EnglishButtonNo matter which problem you and your dog are working on, our one-to-one lessons are the optimal way to respond to your and your dogs needs in training.

The first four lessons usually take place on our dog training facility, where we impart basic knowledge to you. Afterwards the lessons will be continued in situations of the everyday life (e.g. city, park, forrest...).

Private lessons can also be scheduled in your home.

Birk Ean Schnee kleinWe appreciate dog training in situations of the everyday life so you can take your dog easily along with you no matter where you go.

Important elements of our work are: 10m dog leads, click & treat, halti training and so forth. We gear these methods to the individual needs of you and your dog.

Further its important to involve the characteristics of your dogs breed and his character in the selection of the right method of training for your dog. Our one-to-one lessons provide the opportunity to work on problems like e.g. aggression or separation anxiety. We emphasize not only the dog to learn, also his owner ist taught to understand theoretical principles of dog training and how to use them in practice.

We offer different packages of dog training lessons. They include an detailed case history of you and your dog (analysis of your dogs behavior, determining of your ambition, training schedule, first steps in practice – 90 minutes) and several one-to-one lessons (one lesson = 45 minutes). Of course its also possible to book a single one-to-one lesson.

All appointments can be fixed individually.

As a matter of course you can watch our dog training classes, before you start training with your own dog.

Do you have questions or would like to register for classes? Please send us a short e-mail, our trainer gladly will contact you.


Über uns

Die Hundeschule Aschaffenburg wurde 1992 gegründet und erweiterte 2015 mit der Hundetagesstätte und dem Hundezubehörfachmarkt zum Hundezentrum in Mainaschaff. Ein Team von insgesamt 10 Mitarbeitern kümmert sich liebevoll rund um Ihren Vierbeiner.

Wir sind stolz darauf, bereits zwei mal zu den Top 10 der Hundeschulen Deutschlands gewählt worden zu sein - Danke an unsere Kunden für diese Auszeichnung!


Hundezentrum Aschaffenburg

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Im Hofgewann 10
63814 Mainaschaff
Tel.: 06021-20156

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